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Planning Ahead For Fun In The Sun (I).


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#Planning Ahead for Fun in the Sun (ARA) - For many of today's nine-to-fivers, the prospect of a sunny summer weekend is the only thing that gets them through a grueling work week. But too often, the heat and humidity of the season can turn summer faire, like gardening and backyard barbecuing, into harmful, even dangerous endeavors for unprepared weekend warriors.

"I've learned from many summers past that being prepared for the heat can go a long way in ensuring that I'm able to make the most out of my days off," says Chicagoan, Tricia Murphy, who several years ago fainted as a result of heat stroke after an afternoon at the beach. Since then, she says she's become attune to the precautions necessary for extended sun exposure.

Before even stepping outside, packing a few 'fun in the sun essentials,' that you can bring with you, will prepare and protect you from the dangers of summer. Including sunscreen should be the first step for anyone planning to spend time outside. Dermatology experts recommend using at least a 15 SPF sunscreen to help protect from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Packing a supply of pre-moistened washcloths, like Comfort Bath, can also help to keep you clean, cool and refreshed during outdoor activity.

Choosing the right outfit before heading into the hot summer sun is just as important to help you beat the heat. Consider wearing light-colored clothing that will reflect the sun's rays away from your body. Experts also recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing that will allow perspiration to evaporate more rapidly, making it easier for the body to cool itself.

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