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Planning Ahead For Fun In The Sun (II).


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Another essential for all outdoor summer activities, even as simple as working in the garden, is maintaining proper hydration. 'You always hear about active people needing plenty of fluid but I've found that it's so easy to forget to drink enough water when I spend hours in the garden," explains Pat Meyers who has been an avid gardener for almost 20 years. "I like to keep a pitcher of water, lemonade or ice tea handy, which I use to fill a large water bottle that is always at my side.'

Even the backyard grill, an icon of summer, can turn into a hidden hazard. 'Every summer there are cases of people who had been barbecuing and they just became overwhelmed by the combined heat of the grill and the hot sun,' explains Katie Morrissey, a registered nurse. 'Many times these cases could be avoided if people would consciously drink plenty of fluids and spend reasonable amounts of time over the grill.'

Proper sun protection and adequate hydration sometimes aren't enough when the sun's rays are just too oppressive. On days like these, experts recommend avoiding rigorous activities between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun's rays are the strongest. Resting during these hours, inside the house and away from the sun, can offer a chance to cool off and refresh.

'Each time I take a break from the sun, I use it as an opportunity to freshen up and reenergize,' says Meyers. 'I always keep Comfort Bath washcloths on hand to remove the sweat and sunscreen that has built up on my arms, face and neck. I usually keep them in the refrigerator so they're extra cool and refreshing after hours in the sun.'

Haste to partake in the summer season can cause you to forget these simple precautions, and may lead to sunburn, dehydration or heat stroke. Remember to pack those 'fun in the sun essentials' -- sunscreen, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing, plenty of fluids and pre-moistened, disposable Comfort Bath washcloths, which are available in drugstores nationwide. Following these easy tips, and using common sense when playing outside, can help to ensure an enjoyable and safe summer.

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