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Sumptuously Simple Pies For Spring (I).


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(ARA) - Spring is in the air! It's time to kick back, stop and smell the flowers. Meals should be simple and hassle free.

Mrs. Smith's Restaurant Classics pies are the foundation for delectable dessert recipes perfect for springtime entertaining.

Surprise family, friends and chocolate-lovers alike with a Mrs. Smith's French Silk Chocolate pie. Add a Bananas Foster topping and they'll never be satisfied with just ice cream again. And, because this gourmet dessert is so simple to prepare, you'll still have time to enjoy a spring walk or bike ride with the kids.

Other Restaurant Classics pies include Authentic Key Lime, Cappuccino and Peanut Butter Silk. Each is created with the highest quality ingredients for the rich, sumptuous taste found on gourmet restaurants' dessert menus.

You can "quick-serve" a Mrs. Smith's Restaurant Classics pie by thawing one slice at a time and returning the rest to the freezer (not recommended for Authentic Key Lime). Or, thaw an entire pie in a few hours by transferring it from the freezer to the refrigerator.

The recipes below give you a few simple ways to add your own touch to Mrs. Smith's Restaurant Classics pies.

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