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Simple Planning Makes For a More Enjoyable Vacation (III).

By Kathy Pauuw -

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I was shocked! I presented them with a printout from our travel agent, which confirmed our guarantee for late arrival.

In search for a greater understanding of what a "guarantee for late arrival" meant, I asked to speak with the manager on duty. I asked him, "If we had not checked in tonight, would the hotel have billed our credit card for the room, even though there are no rooms available?" That's when I learned that the Doubletree Hotel's guarantee was only a one-way guarantee.

He confirmed that this was their standard policy. Having difficulty comprehending this policy, I reframed the question: "So if we are paying for the room, why is someone else sleeping in it right now?" He informed me that the guarantee did not obligate them to provide accommodations in their hotel; it simply meant that they guaranteed we would have a place to sleep that night.

As I stood at the counter, the desk attendant spent the next 20 minutes calling other hotels and motels in the area. Finally he informed me that they would put us up at no charge at the Prime Rate Motel down the road! Hardly the accommodations we had planned on... and "down the road" was 15 miles away!

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