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A Lesson From The Coach (I).

By Judy Wogoman.

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Picture this. The beginning of football season. The coach holds up a familiar object and says "Gentlemen, THIS is a football." Such a basic approach might suggest that the team consisted of either very Young players--or rank beginners-- and that the coach was a third-grade teacher drafted to teach Pee-Wee Players the basics.

Would you believe the coach was Vince Lombardi? And the players were experienced, winning athletes, chosen for their proven outstanding abilities? Hard to believe, isn't it?

Surely players of that caliber could recognize a football!

But the coach believed that the key to success wasn't in advanced strategies or even dazzling plays--the key to success was--and still is--the Basics.

Everybody says we're in the beginning of a recession. The high-profile dot com failures have been called "proof" that e-biz isn't a viable concept.

Dozens of ezines have quietly ceased publication. The rest of us are struggling to build subscriber lists with free bonuses, great content, free services, free advertising...

Walking a tightrope between speaking our minds and giving our subscribers free ads to induce them to join us and stay --and dealing with ad spammers who join long enough to place their first free ad and send our "welcome to the ezine" message bouncing back.

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