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A Lesson From The Coach (II).

By Judy Wogoman.

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Not to mention subscribers who forget they subscribed, or forget what address they used to subscribe, or "remove" in a huff when Their ad isn't among the first twenty to be published.

We scramble to find new ways to promote faster, wider.

Meanwhile, at home, we're dealing with higher gas prices and utility bills. Maybe our offline jobs are downsizing, either overloading us with extra work stressing us with the possibility that we may be next.

We grab a bag of burgers on the way home and plunk ourselves down in front of the computer to frantically do whatever it is we have chosen to do. We're in a hurry. We take shortcuts. We forget the basics.

And sure enough, a few More things start to slide. Awhile back, I was looking for an html editor. Spent Hours trying the usual free programs. Okay, but not Really what I wanted. What I Really wanted was WordPerfect--only in html. And even though I used WordPerfect every day in my offline job--and have taken several classes in it--I found out by accident that my WordPerfect 7.0 DOES have an html option and it is exactly what I need to draft my e-books. Duh!

Of course, the software companies would Prefer that we "upgrade" to the newest version before we really have a chance to learn the one we have. But do we really Need "the latest"?

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