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Patience Required For Parents Who Work At Home (I).

By Lisa Lake -

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Working at home is a great dream come true for people. Lots of the ads promoting opportunity businesses have headlines like, 'No More Daycare Nightmares!' and 'Spend Time with the Family'. But how do you do both, run a business while supervising children?

I think the toughest years to work at home are when you have very small children. I talked to a lady recently about her new position as a data trascriber at home. She was relieved to be done with her most recent daycare drama. Yet she admitted her 2-year old watched 'a lot of videos' while she worked.

But working AWAY from home is a relatively new phenomen in our country. Before the industrial revolution, kids were always in the workshop, which was always in the home. Or kids worked with you on the farm. Back then instead of watching videos, children might have widdled sticks in the corner or been forced to go along with dad on the tractor. Were they constantly tended to? No.

Kevin Nunley, online writer and marketing consultant, works at home while his staff works at the downtown office. His desk at the office sits primarily unused so he can manage 4 children in a busy 2-career family. 'We have to get past the need to work without interruption,' said Kevin. 'Just like working in a hectic office, working at home requires being able to suddenly leave your work, then come back to it a few minutes later. It can be hard at first, but it gets easier with practice.'

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