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Patience Required For Parents Who Work At Home (II).

By Lisa Lake -

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I was told a good writer should be able to compose in a bus station. Writing at home with young children is not too different. I only shut my door when I'm on the telephone interviewing someone. So my teenage girl and nine-year old boy, and even their friends and neighborhood kids and my dog, come through my working area a lot. They have a question, they need snacks, they want to kick you off the computer to play computer games. My little boy had a hard time with that: he didn't get at the computer for days at a time when I was close to deadline with a project. He got mighty huffy. The payoff? You're at home! I help them with homework while I work. I know whose house they've gone to play at. I know what they eat and what they drink. Plus they keep me company, and even ask what I'm working on. Children who watch a parent work get a good idea of how you earn your paycheck. And, they know where YOU are! It's a sad fact that too many kids don't that anymore. The numbers of home workers has exploded in recent years. Electronic telecommuting will continue to increase that explosion. Customers and associates no longer assume you're working in an outside office. So what's the number one issue about working with children under foot? I agree with Kevin Nunley: how do you keep the kids quiet when a customer calls?

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