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Patience Required For Parents Who Work At Home (III).

By Lisa Lake -

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"I gradually learned that contrary to popular belief, few people object if they hear a child in the background," said Kevin. Many, when they hear a child, will remark with genuine admiration how nice it is you can work from home." I've had the same reaction. When there's an unavoidable interruption-- even though your door was shut and you're furiously swatting the child away as he approaches you during an important call-- I just ask whomever I'm talking with to hold on, and pick back up the conversation by telling him I work at home and have children. They usually ask all about them, and tell me to enjoy them while they're young. Enjoy yours, too, even while you work. Lisa Lake provides marketing advice and writes web copy, sales letters, articles, ads, and press releases.See her free tips at and catch advice from the staff at Quick turnaround on writing from classified ads to ezines and ebooks. Reach Lisa at or 801-328-9006.

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