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Plato says that his Kallipolis is just a model, and thus, protects his ideas from easy criticism, so, before attempting to analyse Plato's work, it is necessary to say something about this device used in the 'Republic' so as not to receive a retort that waves this justification: the question about an eventual implementation of his plan is cleverly avoided and stated as misguided by stating that the creation of the Kallipolis was for the sake of a model.

However, models, no matter how abstract are they, are conceived for the sake of understanding and science, and science exists for the sake of men and the truth, and men live in the real world, so, if his concepts are protected from critic by stating that they are purely academic, they might also be considered as useless in a science that is not like logic or mathematics, that is, a prioristic discipline in which every conclusion is achieved with no real experience of the things being manipulated.

In the case of both mathematics and logic, the themes of study are totally abstract. A theorem cannot be touched, numbers are intangible, but politics relate to the real world of men, and so, its object of study as a science can be developed and researched by means of models, but these must be directed towards the real world in order to be of any practical value.

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