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Authority (II).

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The study of the hypothetical political rights of the angels might be interesting and odd, but not useful within the framework of political science. Also, one of the main characteristics of scientific knowledge is that theories, models and paradigms can and should be criticised; if not, they might constitute faith or opinion, but not scientific knowledge.

Therefore, the statement regarding the essence of the Kallipolis as a model is purely a device used to protect what Plato conceived from people who can just give opinions and thus, act destructively. It is something like a riddle that can only be solved with a key; if someone discovers it, the it is to be assumed that this particular person is indeed entitled to discuss the matter and if not, that is, if he or she can just give opinions, then, this device will not let the person in question to trespass into this delicate real, like a room filled with a fine porcelain collection

Another interesting device used to protect the ideas contained in the book is the mood of discussion between Socrates and other characters; in the beginning of the text, Thrasymachus, for example, has a passionate discussion with Socrates, but later on, dialogues adopt another tone and Socrates' interlopers mainly limit themselves to echo the philosopher's thoughts. This has the virtue of both reinforcing the expressed ideas and takes the reader into a tranquil mood in order to present those of his thoughts that might conceivably appear somewhat alien, and thus, persuade the reader into digging further into the text without being repulsed in any way.

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