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Plato is not a democrat. The fact that Greek culture and philosophy has been much praised, elevated and deified, the esteem put within the context of contemporary democracies on the virtues of this particular regime, the characteristics of Athenian Democracy, and a fairly common perception by which famous people of the past or ancient times should somehow be accommodated to fit within the tastes of modern views and audiences deceive, and therefore, Plato is perceived as a democrat, but he sees democracies as one of the most unhappy regimes, just above tyrannies.

According to his views, a democratic society as well as a democratic man, are unhappy and insatiable in their unnecessary appetites, a fact which reminds us of Macchiavelli's concepts in the sense that those seeking to be perceived as fair Princes usually become insatiable in their demands as required to show such qualities and thus, becomes insatiable. This notion is put forward in 'The Prince' Macchiavelli's masterwork.

In his book, Plato states an order in which aristocracies are the happiest form of government, followed by timocracies, oligarchies, democracies, and finally tyrannies, being all of them different kinds of regimes that can plausibly rule a Polis or city.

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