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However, according to Plato, all forms of government above tyrannies eventually fail and start a process of degradation and decay which ultimately transforms a state into a tyranny. Plato's aristocracy is achievable, but only under the most extraordinary and exquisite sort of circumstances, and it would require major social transformations and engineering, as well as the relinquish of the free will of all individuals in order to attain such an objective. He sees justice as minding everyone's business and not meddling with other people's matters, thus eradicating any desire for personal and social change or opinion.

According to his model, authority should be in the hands of a self-perpetuating élite of individuals, superior to the common citizen in virtue and knowledge, and embodying characteristics of both kings and philosophers, a state of things that can be reached thorough the education of kings in philosophical matters, or thorough the elevation of philosophers to the position of kings.

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