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Plato maintains that all people are not equally well prepared to meddle with political matters, and that it would be impossible to achieve the necessary education at a general level to do so, and as politics is some sort of specialised knowledge, it must be left in the hands of experts. Until then, politics will remain wicked. This implies that all other regimes, apart from aristocracy, are imperfect.

This conception needs the careful analysis of different aspects that lead him to it: as it happens with every human being, subjective factors and personal experiences play a key role alongside objective premises in order to attain any conclusion. Plato's convictions developed both from his own education as well as personal experiences: a pampered upbringing, the convoluted events that occurred in Greece with him as a witness, the disgraceful 'suicide' of Socrates in the hands of a democratic government, and certainly, numerous additional petty things of the kind found daily by any person, seen with human subjectivity.

Those events induced him to look for solutions to the problems posed by politics, and being a citizen of a democracy, he could see the defects of his own government.

In fact, his experiences would have caused revulsion in the mind of a less prepared person, the kind of reaction that leads to revolutions, but his merit was to have remained objective in the treatment of political matters in spite of bitter experiences during different regimes, including Athenian democracy. He acted in a truly scientific (philosophic) way, like a forensic specialist dissecting a body, instead of a crazed ripper mutilating it in revenge.

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