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A clear understanding of Plato's choice of words such as 'king', 'philosopher', 'aristocracy', etc. is a necessity since these words, being ancient in their origin, may have changed their respective meanings slightly or completely. Thus, an inadequate understanding of them might lead to unfortunate conclusions.

The world does not remain the same thorough ages: societies, people, ideas, science and technology evolve. Change is inherently related to humankind and life itself; only the dead or those who are agonising remain static.

Therefore, in order to preserve objectivity it is prudent to consider the context of things. It is interesting that while in some contexts this rule is applied, in others it is ignored: for example, the venerable Hammurabi code stated, among other things, that any woman who had sex with someone else than his man was guilty of adultery, and was thus duly condemned to die. However, this rule included those who had the misfortune of being raped, because there was no room left for exceptional cases or circumstances.

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