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Authority (VII).

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Today, most legal systems tend to take into account the context in which things happened; attenuants and aggravants of those things being judged embody this idea, but in other realms the situation is still far from satisfactory, including the case of things that can become matters of opinion, such as history and politics.

This demonstrates the necessity of change, since even great things are always perfectible. Therefore, Plato's work, as in the case of all historical documents and material, should be analysed taking into consideration the historical and social moment in which it was produced, especially in the case of the words used to describe capital concepts; failing to do so, even if the analysis were logically consistent, would produce more or less persuasive, non-formal fallacies instead of solid conclusions.

The meaning that Plato gives to justice is far different from the one that is given within a contemporary democratic frame, and this fact can be misleading if and when it is analysed by people who sport a widely different culture, and who live within completely different societies. For Plato, justice implies conformism with one's personal condition; in an ideal case, a just man has no ambitions outside his own narrow realm. Therefore, the just man and the just society are static and invariable.

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