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According to Saussure, any term or word has two components: one is the meaning or content of the word expressed, and another is its form. This explains, for example, why synonyms may have the same meaning (at least in most circumstances, as in the case of 'house' and 'home') but can be completely different words; 'Philosopher', 'king' and 'justice' are cardinal concepts in Plato's book. His choice for them can hardly be considered casual.

In the case of the term 'philosopher', its meaning changed in recent centuries with the development of science. In former times, a philosopher was what we know today as both an investigator of philosophy and a scientist. Ancient philosophers had a very ample scope of study, but the word has grown lately so complex that it is no longer possible to grasp the meaning of everything; hence, the concept evolved and in certain stages it became necessary to give names to define widely different kinds of 'philosophers'; so today we have natural scientists, formal scientists, social scientists, etc. while philosophy in itself remains as the mother of all sciences.

Linguists argue that words can have different meanings in different contexts: 'aristocracy' in its most common usage describes a social class or a regime based in the power of the rich. Aristos means 'the best' in Greek, and therefore, in its original form aristocracy means 'the government of the best' and not necessarily, the government of the richest or the more flamboyant.

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