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His proposed regime would have 'philosopher-kings' running the state, that is, people with an extensive knowledge of philosophy and a high degree of virtue entitled, vis--vis the legos, to govern by divine right. This can be achieved by elevating kings to the position of philosophers or vice-versa. In the first case, already mature people working in a state office would have immense difficulty studying and learning all what Plato prescribes in order to attain the intellectual level of a philosopher; this, also, would entail fundamental changes in the political methods and tendencies of those kings, affecting lobbies and interests. It would be much easier to follow the second course, using brand-new kings.

The creation of an elective kingship based on merit, would serve as an excellent doubly edged institution: it would serve very well to support the 'noble lie' that would form that basic structure of belief in his aristocratic regime; that is, it would make a perfect excuse to be given to the people in order to assure the compliance with the rules and the elimination of any desire for changes, and it would avoid the appearance of any hereditary tendencies within the government.

Plato goes so far as to suggest controlled mating and breeding, and the disposal of defective children. This is, in fact, eugenics, or better said, Social Darwinism. He states that although an aristocracy as he understands it would be the most happy form of government, it would eventually mutate and end being a tyranny.

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