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He explains this process carefully, but there are other reasons that sustain the fact that it is impossible to maintain such a society. For once, if Darwinism is to be applied to societies, and tyranny results as the final product of the evolution of all kinds of states, persons and societies, then it should be the best form of government, something that contradicts the idea of an objective good and historic evidence. Recent history provides two examples in the form of Germany and Japan: what happened to these two states both under tyrannical and democratic regimes is conclusive.

Also, the 'noble lie' is a weak argument since it does not have a logical relationship between motive and effect, and any society built up from weak premises would be unstable itself, since cities, provinces, feuds, countries or any form of state or regime cannot pretend to stay isolated forever from the rest of the world in order to maintain the status quo, avoiding that the fraud is known.

The 'barbarians' would sooner or later make an entrance in the Kallipolis with their customs, languages and ideas, as it happened in the case of the Roman Empire. If someone challenges a weak argument, even with another weak idea, he might succeed, no matter whether it is true or false, just if it is more seductive.

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