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The threat of 'cultural attack' is far greater to that of any army, no matter how massive it might be. No guardians can keep it in check for ever because armies destroy or get destroyed in battles where both sides can confront and see each other, and the threat of doom can dissuade most enemies, if the guardians are capable soldiers, but culture infiltrates everywhere, it filters like rainwater, it corrodes any iron curtain, and since it is not destructive but immaterial in itself and attractive, if only for the strangeness of exotic and new things, it finds its way in the minds of people.

To protect the Kallipolis from this threat, the guardians would have to control every single aspect of human activity in the city or everyone must became a guardian in order to protect their own minds. Both things are food for an utopian: guardians cannot possibly control the minds of people, their thoughts and dreams; and according to Plato, not everyone is entitled to become a guardian.

And even if one of these things eventually happens, it will create fanaticism and zealotry, forcing the society to make a direct jump from aristocracy to tyranny. If an old concept which is threatened with replacement is strong, sound, and deeply rooted in real-world foundations, it is very difficult to challenge it, such as in the case of private property when it was challenged by the communist concept of property.

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