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Convincing but unsound new ideas might enjoy a period of fame, but sooner or later, the one which is accepted by the majority of the people will prevail, no matter if it is good or bad, or if it can be really improved or not. People may or may not be sound judges of high politics, but certainly are usually capable of judging well what affects them most, even if they are hopeless brutes, because these problems are seldom abstract.

If old arguments are less sound, they will still have the force of tradition on their side when challenged by new ones, even if the last is much better than the former, but tradition is weaker than hard facts and thus, they may or may not prevail after a perilous period.

The French and Russian monarchies utterly disappeared, although they might have enjoyed the same traditional inertia found in Spain or England, that also had revolutions.

There is a case in the world which shows the 'successful' application of an idea similar to the 'noble lie': India, with its system of social castes, but it cannot be considered a successful example since the status quo there worked for centuries thanks to the relative isolation of past times.

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