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Today, with an ever increasing level of communications, both in their qualitative as well as quantitative sides, it is harder to maintain static societies for long. Japan and China are examples of this. India has a phenomenal inertia of tradition, and her history leads to another conclusion: in order to establish a new order in any society, such as the one Plato proposes in his 'Republic' it has to be moulded and prepared, and this can be done suddenly or progressively.

In the first case, history shows that decimation, which is always and implicit side-effect of all sudden implementations of social engineering, is not the best way to improve a society, and thus, it fails sooner or later.

In the second, the case of India serves as an example of what can happen: the social system of castes was introduced in this fashion many centuries ago with the help of significant social, religious and economic reforms far wider than those contemplated in Plato's work.

For once, the population of India and the complexity of the whole country is by far, bigger: India has a territory which exceeds that of Greece, it has more population and more diversity in ethnical terms.

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