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However, this is something that might or might not succeed, since a weak or strong foundation has to be replaced by a weak one per-se because it is new, and new things are always feeble until roots are developed, and this is thus no formula for success.

Even assuming that India has a good social system, the concept of an elitist, aristocratic government has not been applied in the way that Plato intended: the Brahmani ruling class is a refined, citadine, high class that does not follow Plato's ascetic model. They certainly love gold and money, and are prone to inflict serious injuries upon each other in order to attain it, as the history of the Koh-I-Noor diamond tells us.

A certain kind of people called 'The Guardians' form the army of Plato's Kallipolis, and armies need discipline to work properly, but in order to maintain it in the long run, soldiers need motivation. Be it an external influence or just unquestionable obedience; in the first case, the Kallipolis would not be isolated, it would have enemies propelling the Guardians to stay alert, so, such an army would have a conflict hypothesis.

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