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In the second case, unquestionable obedience is by definition, not based on knowledge but on faith. It is zealotry euphemistically expressed. Thus, in order to maintain the purity of its mainstay, the Kallipollis would have to find enemies and keep herself going from one conflict to the next, and as Luddendorf pointed out centuries later, war would become a 'biological necessity'.

Destruction would become a major factor in the life of the Kallipolis and thus, the system would find itself within a paradox, because one can hardly say that destruction is either good as a moral standard, productive in terms of an economy, or reasonable as an engine for knowledge and progress.

Switzerland, a country which does not have real enemies, nevertheless, maintains conflict hypotheses regarding all her neighbours and the Swiss are not isolated in any way from the rest of the world, so neutral countries are not an exception. Pure neutral countries do not really exist; only those that do not take active actions against any side.

It is interesting to point out that Macchiavelli states in 'The Prince' that real neutrality is undesirable, because it generates mistrust on both sides of a conflict regarding the neutral party and thus, it does not bring the benefit of a friendship based on loyalty with the vanquished, and does not bring any confidence with the victorious because they would see the neutral country as someone that could not be trusted.

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