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On the other hand, the Chinese, not willing or realistic to recognise the force of change, finally lost the opium wars to the British and their empire eventually collapsed.

Plato did not analyse what would happen in the event of territorial end economical growth of the Kallipolis: his analysis is, in this regard, somewhat simplistic in lieu of the relative immaturity of statesmanship and political institutions (as compared with today's standards) during his time. Indeed, these were superior to those of many other states at the time, but nevertheless, the lack of historical and political experience of those societies certainly had an influx on any decision-making process.

Plato assumed that the Kallipolis would remain static forever, but societies should not remain so; if they do, they risk disappearing, and again, history provides many examples showing that closed societies, no matter how big or powerful, fall from grace some day, as it happened in the cases of Imperial Russia, the Soviet Union and China.

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