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In the event that the Kallipolis would prevent its decay by expansion, two things could happen: they might win or lose. If they lose, then they would not be so perfect after all, being their enemies militarily superior and showing this fact in combat by destroying the guardians.

The other alternative is that they manage to impose the will of the city unto others, but serious trouble would still develop within the Kallipolis' realm: sectarianism in the form of ethnical or racial and religious discrimination has proven to be a major political force, desired or not, in any expanding state.

The consequences of sectarian social views within the Spanish and English colonies in The Americas can still be seen, and political discrimination in the share of administrative control eventually ended their rule in the continent.

Sooner or later, an expanding Kallipolis would have to deal with the barbarians and assuming they are finally vanquished, still, the citizens would have to assimilate or exterminate them in one form or another. The second choice has proven to be impossible, and it is hard to believe that the barbarians would be eager or willing to accept the new order at face value.

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