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Although enslaved, brainwashed and killed in vast numbers, the Indians across all the Americas neither disappeared nor dissolved their cultures to European standards after five hundred years of rule, and this means that finally, the Kallipolis would disappear or dilute no matter how powerful it might become at a certain historical stage, ruling out the idea that an aristocracy is inherently superior to anything else.

This resembles the principle of equilibrium found in physics: everything that is not in its natural position tends to acquire it over time, thus rolling, tumbling and falling until it can finally rest in the best position for it.

However, there is still another problem, this time with the guardians, represented or posed by the old question 'Quid custodiet ipsos custodes?' because in an ideal state of things, they may be sound judges of the use of power, but Plato admits that they will eventually degenerate and the city would become a timocracy.

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