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Authority (XXII).

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Therefore, even those who have knowledge are fallible, and it would be very dangerous to let them have total control. The city cannot control the guardians of an aristocracy, since it is like a hostage, nor can knowledge achieve the same, since in the face of threats such as a cultural attack they will develop zealotry in order to eradicate its roots within the city, and not if things remain static because zealotry will arise among them from the necessity of maintaining discipline without conflict hypotheses.

Plato does not praise education, but he sees it as a zero-sum game in which the knowledge of the good is attained or else, all is lost; this is deduced from the Analogy of the Cave, in which the liberated man is taken to the surface and back with his fellow prisoners in order to enlighten them, but he deals only with one man taken to the final part of the cave.

He never considers the possibility of liberating more than one man at any given time with the mission of reaching as far as possible. In such a case, some will go up to the entrance, some will go halfway, and some will stay; however, in the end the overall effect would be much stronger because the remaining prisoners would be pressed by more than one person to dare to get out, much as an effective combat force has more than one officer to lead the soldiers into battle.

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