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Plato suggests that the objective truth should an could be obtained at once, in just one generation: every chosen child starts learning and after completing the designed study package, he or shoe is fitted to toy with the objective good at ease, but science has proven to be something much too complex as to be able to provide humankind with absolute and objective knowledge, if it does exist, in less than one generation.

Releasing more than one man and allowing them to climb, at least, some metres, is better than lifting just one and leaving the rest in obscurity. The next generation, if provided with the right spirit, will continue the journey.

During the Middle ages, priests, some nobles and monarchs were well cultivated, but the restof the people lived in utter ignorance. No one cared about this fact while some continued their quest for the absolute truth in any form they wished, and the middle ages lingered on.

It was necessary that catastrophic events such as the plague and the fall of Constantinople finally affected that society so much that it could no longer survive in order to progress.

Today, not everyone who learns to read and write becomes am illustrious intellectual, artist or scientist, but more people learn how to learn, and history proves that nations have always benefited from increasing the level of education of their citizens, even if those improvements amount to minimal changes.

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