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The diffusion of education among people is a democratic phenomenon. Knowledge is power and the share of it among people is basic to democracy. The answer to the perpetuation of a society relies more on this than in the virtue of a few.

Democracies are more fit to survive than aristocracies. Alexis de Tocqueville compared how democratic states and those vertically organised, like aristocracies, react in the face of danger. He points out that democratic states are usually slower to react (i.e to mobilise armies) while verticalist states have always a faster response, but democratic ones are far stronger since the mobilisation of forces is, in their case, based on the general will of the people and not just the ideas of a few.

Thus, the guardians may have the initiative in a battle, but are at the same time strategically impaired in any confrontation because of their alienation from the populace, who at best has no idea about the guardian's motives, and are not psychologically fit to take arms in case of necessity.

Democratic forces have the support of the citizens who they are supposed to defend or they do not fight at all, and have vast amounts of human potential.

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