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What happened in Lepanto and during the First World War both with France as well as Turkey, as well as France twenty years after, is enough proof to consider Macchiavelli's ideas as the right ones, and that states should not rely only on armies for their defence.

In order to survive, aristocracies must spend a lot of energy and resources maintaining the status quo that favours aristocrats, finding enemies and fighting them, while democracies can spend the same amount of energy cultivating their citizens and satisfying their needs. Indeed, democracies have their enemies too, but the variety of interests found within them cushions most nationalistic appetites and so, confrontations are less discretional.

Moreover: that fact that democracies have channels to express dissent that serve as a defensive measure for the regime, for in such a way, differences of opinion and social injustices are usually solved before the parties involved develop into enemies.

Aristocracies are essentially chauvinistic, for they see everything alien or new as a threat; a pure aristocrat would be a paranoid, and paranoids are not happy.

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