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Even for those 'guardians' who like warfare and think of weaponry as something utterly important, a democracy is a better place to look at, because in the long run, the larger variety found in democracies in term of knowledge and creativeness will make its way to the design of war machines, and the past shows that armies of democracies generally prevail in war even when they might start losing due to their slower initial reactions.

Among the appetites of the democratic man and the democratic society, there will certainly be some unworthy, but this is something that each individual can judge since it is personally pertaining and people are good judging things that affect them directly.

However, among those appetites it is possible to find others that can be turned to productive uses, like the thirst for knowledge, power, personal glory and money, and if these appetites can be directed towards useful goals, assuming that they exist and it is futile to try to fight or suppress them, and while democracies might remain, as Winston Churchill said, 'not the best but the least bad form of government' they can nevertheless be very useful.

Democratic men and societies have an inherent advantage over other systems, a fact which relies in their appetites, and that is the liberty to change themselves; therefore, they have the hope of change and improvement, instead of useless mutation and hopeless endings.

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