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#Liberty: In the description of his ideal city or state, the Kallipolis, Plato specifies his ideas about freedom of speech, belief and choice of vocation; he is the ultimate aristocrat and therefore, anything that can possibly conspire against his model is against the objective good.

According to the model of the Kallipolis and the views he expresses thorough the person of Socrates, knowledge coexists with ignorance and between them, lies opinion. Choices are usually based on opinions, for they are made by a population in which philosophers are a minority. A philosopher chooses on grounds of knowledge, but the common people do the same from a base of either opinion or ignorance.

Since the main difference between a philosopher and a common, simple mortal is that the first searches for the good, therefore, choices made by the common people go against the aristocracy and choices should not be left to the commons, if it can be avoided.

This includes the choice of a vocation: everyone must do what he is most fit for. If anyone tries to enter a vocation or profession for which he is not apt, what he will produce will be of inferior quality. Thus, those who are good at making bread should be left making bread, and no one who is a sailor and navigates should be left to make bread for his workmanship will be inferior.

It is impossible to have more than one vocation, according to Plato.

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