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Beliefs are based on faith and opinion, and are held by people: they might be logically weak or strong, but have the force of tradition that gives them an edge in any discussion about them. In order to challenge belief structures, logic is not enough because of their component of faith, and persuasion is needed in order to present a better opinion to the people, because they change their beliefs when a more attractive idea appears, such as what happened with Rome regarding the conversion of the population to Christian faith. Alien beliefs, then, are dangerous for the Kallipolis.

Regarding the choice of a vocation, the analysis must be divided in two parts: the case for specialisation, and the case for not crossing into the fields of other professions. The fact that specialisation is widely used even today demonstrates that the first section of this argument is correct. Competence is needed and desirable in most fields of work, and it is indeed rare to see people with more than one talent or profession.

However, the second part of the discussion is wrong since such a system must rely on prohibition in order to work, and prohibition is only a punitive measure. Thus, it is a weak one because it has only one way to exert influence, and weak ideas can be easily overthrown by other ideas, be them weak or strong.

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