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The philosopher-kings and their powerful arm, the guardians, would be those who would oversee compliance with this rule, being the only ones capable to evaluate the whole picture of the state since others are kept in ignorance about different things by means of the noble lie and persuasion.

In the Kallipolis, this would not be seen as anything wrong, since there would be no free will, but it makes the ideal city look like an ant colony. It asks too much from the people, and is therefore destined to fail for it puts the regime in a critical condition in which any change can only be for the worst, since supposedly, the regime is perfect. This implies that the knowledge of the good would ultimately entail a pessimistic view of the world.

In a democracy, the citizen can choose to be wrong. He may err, but then it is a personal mistake, not someone else's: he can enter a profession for which he has no real talent and waste his time in the process. This is much more selective in the long run than eugenics.

What we know today as 'the market', a concept that is really more ample than what suggests its economical origin, controls the evolution of professions and careers to a great extent. Good bakers defeat questionable ones in the long run. The result, that is, to have better bread, is the same as what can be obtained with a formidable and massive regulatory framework, but the free market methods, at least in theory, have two advantages over regulatory schemes: freedom of choice dos not entail the relinquishing of the free will and gives a second chance by which the mistaken person can correct past mistakes.

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