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He who is bankrupt can correct his mistakes and become rich. Democracies are essentially optimistic, while Plato's aristocracy is structured around a pessimistic view of the world by which, since nothing is perfectible once the regime is implanted, things can only degenerate.

Thus aristocracies give no future to the people and the inhabitants of the Kallipolis, and it is a fact that people often rely more on future perspectives than present conditions in order to decide what to do with their lives. If someone is in dire straits but with good future perspectives, that person will certainly endure the situation. However, if someone sees the future as dark, albeit living under wonderful standards, that person will feel very bad.

The case of Christine Onassis, who committed suicide in her house at Tortuguitas, in Argentina, is a clear example of what a sad outlook can do to an individual: Mrs. Onassis had a fortune but lived a miserable life.

In a pure aristocracy there is no room to correct anything; its foundations are static, and the system end being merciless. No change of vocation is possible and things can only degenerate, thus if a man is to be kept happy, he must be kept in ignorance about the good because if not, he would see no further motives to remain loyal to the city so, those who look for knowledge would end fomenting ignorance.

If philosophers know about the degeneration of the ideal, they can hardly be happy and thus, the aristocracy which is proclaimed as the most happy form of government is really a contradiction. Nothing that is going to sink can exude happiness but deception.

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