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A paradox of any democratic system is that sometimes its essence works against the system: even if it sounds like a hypothesis, it is plausible that if a political party wins an election with something like 80% of the votes, this could allow its leaders to manipulate the system and circumvent its controls thanks to the power that they have acquired, in a legitimate way but not necessarily with the best of intentions.

Thus, variety is good and this is a result of 'unnecessary' appetites; former communist countries did not have 'unnecessary' political parties, independent labour unions, civic organisations, etc. and they failed. Various groups of opinion, even if someone can say that they are wrong in an objective way, various parties, social institutions, etc. exert a kind of political or social control similar to what happens in a market of perfect competence.

Variety protects citizens of a democratic state from mutation of the state.

The group of people who would qualify different things as useful or unnecessary in Plato's Kallipolis would be the philosopher-kings, but if Plato admits that they will ultimately mutate into something else, then they can be considered as fallible, and if they are fallible, no one can be certain about their judgement concerning the necessary and unnecessary nature of things.

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