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The fallibility of philosophers can also be demonstrated with historical facts: communism proved to be wrong in many areas, although it also helped the world in many other realms. Walter Darre, a philosopher, was also a influential National-Socialist minister in Hitler's Germany.

Yet, variety, as many other things, has to be controlled somehow, for if an excess develops, it might turn against democracies: states with too many political parties are very difficult to administer. Things get chaotic. Therefore, some kind of limit should be established, and it is usually done thorough the help of some regulations regarding the number of votes that are needed to gain a seat in any legislative organisation.

More than absolutes, politics seem to be a collection of tints and contrasts.

Plato does not favour freedom of choice. In modern terms, he is a regulator. This posture is destined to fail since it grows from the necessity to improve things, but takes the bad way, because instead of using the free will of many people to improve them thorough education and competence among each other, it rests on the regulated will of a few who must, in turn, rely on compulsion and deception to make things work.

Regulationism assumes that the conduct of the people can be modified thorough the implementation of rules, but this proved to be wrong; if rules were enough, then humankind would have already eliminated war, poverty and famine.

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