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Freedom of choice and variety are not disadvantages in themselves, but can be, on the contrary, important assets. The diffusion of knowledge, thanks to the freedom of choice and relative equality found in democracies is a very important phenomenon; perhaps even more than voting.

Usually, voting is seen as the supreme act of democracy, but in fact, more important than voting is how candidates are selected in the people's minds. In the former so-called popular democratic republics citizens voted too, but there was only one party or one candidate.

In backwater and low-quality democracies there might be various parties and candidates, but this does not guarantee that elections will be fair or serious, not to mention the results of the actual government. The criteria used to select candidates must be addressed, and since this particular choice is very important, and since this particular choice is very important, it has to be very well made.

Many times candidates are chosen in a tribal way, more for loyalty to the colours than for really serious reasons. More often than not, candidates can only give promises, but cannot provide any records of past proficiency.

If people are educated, they will ask more, and demand better results from their candidates, and that would eventually improve the overall quality of the system, thus obtaining, ideally, the same high-quality rulers as found in aristocracies, but with much stronger foundations behind them and a different, more optimistic perspective on the evolution of the state and society.

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