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On freedom of expression, it should be said that in a democracy, ideally, everyone should be entitled to say anything he wishes, but this purism is as counterproductive as the aristocratic conception of censored speech. One of the main problems with the concept of censorship is that there is no way to assure that the guardians would be really objective in the process, as it is not possible to give them control over every other aspect of the life in the Kallipolis, but on the other hand, some manifestations can be really dangerous such as calls for open subversion, violence, sectarianism, etc.

Children should be protected in order to give them good ethical and moral standards. Society must also be protected from extremists. The possibility of exchanging information thorough the Internet, newspapers, and global communication systems facilitate the exchange of knowledge and opinion, but it also makes available things such as a computer game called 'Concentration camp manager' which is not exactly what anyone would like to teach to the very young in view what happened fifty years ago in the world.

This game was created by neo-nazis looking to influence the minds of children to their advantage. As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages on the enforcement of freedom.

History shows that attempts to censor communications are made in order to control the minds of the people in societies under tyrannical regimes: sometimes this is achieved by means of state structures, and in other cases, the society in question becomes self-regulated, paying too much attention to religious beliefs or other sort of standards, protocols and customs.

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