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Again, this is usually based on opinions that can be good or bad, and the criteria involved usually grow as a reaction from past deeds. It is also a matter of degree: ethical and moral purism is usually good, but when taken to extremes it can be as bad as a tyrant ruler.

Even the democratic spirit that exists today is based on a reaction to colonialist and militarist ideals, the flair for uniforms and pomp that finally burned out with the world wars. This proves that societies can protect themselves against pathogenic ideas with little need for state intervention apart from legal dispositions destined to channel the punishment for infractors in fair ways; as democratic societies can change, even when their customary actions may be negative, generally speaking, like victorianism is now considered to be, mistakes can be corrected.

No one can correct the sensors apart from themselves, and since power positions create interests, even if they realise as individuals that they are wrong, it will be to their advantage to maintain things as they are, turning them against the populace.

Plato explains that the guardians will not be ambitious due to their upbringing, but since it has been demonstrated that their are fallible, this cannot be taken for granted. In a family, parents prevent their children from using things like the aforementioned game; they do not need a secret service agent to supervise the young.

It would be very nice to have a structure to deal with every kind of terrorist or criminal trying to capitalise on the freedom of speech, but to try to do so is to risk having a medicine worst than the illness itself: Argentina had virulent terrorist groups that between 1960 and 1980 caused the death of thousands of individuals; the armed forces of the country finally disposed of the problem, fighting them in every corner with no mercy at all and absolute power, and in the meantime they killed innocent people and violated every single human right.

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