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They turned themselves against the people that they were intended to protect in their zeal to do so.

There is also a contradiction in Plato's arguments regarding the structure of poems: At the end of Book II of the Republic, he stresses the point that poems and stories should be regulated and should follow guidelines laid by the founders of a city. He says that the founders must put together the structure for such stories, but he also tells that they are not going to compose those stories for they are neither poets nor story tellers.

However, in this concept related to the choice of vocation, he says that everyone must do what he or she is better fit to do. If guardians or philosophers were good as poets and story tellers, then, they would not need to give guidelines to artists since they, themselves, would be writing them.

The need for artistic guidelines and artists is an implicit recognition of the limits of the knowledge of the founders and guardians, and if the founders do not know something like art, it can hardly be the case that they are prepared to judge those things.

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