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If guardians do not understand art, they cannot understand completely and thoroughly the allegories involved in the work of artists, so their judgement concerning the effect that those allegories may or may not have on the minds of the young is not entirely sound.

If someone does not have a strong command of the Spanish language, then he could not read Borges and understand what is expressed, and thus be able to make a serious critic about his books. Guardians can, at best, develop an opinion in its most profound Platonic sense, but they cannot developed real knowledge about arts and literature in this case, and therefore, their views on the matter should be discarded by the very own criteria developed by them for other matters if they wish to keep the degree of purity of their ideals.

Failing to resign artistic control would contradict the idea of the good. In this regard, the guardians are just common people within artistic circles, and this puts a dent in the guardian's intellectual armour, and brings into question their ability to critically judge other human beings as a whole.

Their verdicts cannot be considered absolutely perfect; they are fallible, and fallible things should be checked in order to prevent disasters.

Also, if philosophers and guardians do not understand well one of the pillars of the education of future philosopher-kings, they cannot possibly be expected to use it to the advantage of good itself, and the guardian's spirit would not be properly tamed, risking that in the future they will eventually turn against the city.

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