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History shows that the idea of God-fearing and godlike warriors may sound romantic, but in reality it creates fanatics: the crusaders departed for Jerusalem with strong ideals based on a belief system that also made an initial statement, and continues to look for the good. After all, Jesus stated that people shall not kill their enemies, but what they did when they finally conquered their ultimate target puts the whole system in jeopardy.

In fact, Christian cities such as Belgrade at the time of the first crusade, or Antioch during the second, when they were conquered, suffered the consequences of the good intentions of the crusaders. The path to hell is littered with good intentions.

This contradicts the notion that good things cannot end in bad consequences, for even the idea of the objective good seen by the eyes of philosophers and guardians imperfect, as the paragraphs above demonstrate.

Regarding freedom of belief, even if the philosopher-kings work out a belief system fundamentally based in knowledge, it will be weak, and since the Kallipolis must not remain closed and static, it will be exposed to barbarian beliefs in the best Greek sense.

The inherent weakness of this belief system surges from the need of a lie to support it, and the fact that there will be no room for transformation in such a society. If someone finds out that the populace has been deceived, they will discredit their rulers, or if a new set of beliefs comes across the citizens of the Kallipolis, be them weak or strong, but rather convincing, even the belief that they should not work so hard and thus relax (as Plato suggest that the aristocratic regime will eventually end), the regime will be doomed.

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