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Equality (III).

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The main problem with egalitarianism is that it is frequently treated as a subjective matter, but concerns very concrete things: many times the concept is invoked by envious people who just cannot stand that others might be more capable than them, and it is also rejected by sectarian characters that want to feel the king of the hill.

Indeed, people who have opinions but cannot seriously consider the matter as Plato correctly remarks. Another problem is what people should be equal at, and this is a matter than concerns cultural, political, economical and many other aspects.

For Plato, equality of freedom was unimportant; slavery is unacceptable by today's standards (ver Slave Traders). Plato did not consider that equality of education is important but today, education is seen as one of the main instruments that enable people to progress.

Egalitarianism sounds desirable, but it can be dangerous if it is not properly understood or implemented. If egalitarianism becomes an absolute ideology, then it becomes utopian, since in societies with an important number of members it is not possible to implement a control system capable to control that everyone has the same level of satisfaction, for this is a subjective matter and cannot be measured and quantified.

Utopian societies are weak, as it was described in another essay; therefore, total egalitarianism would imply a closed society that will have the same illnesses as Plato's Kallipolis.

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