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If egalitarianism is understood as a situation in which everyone has roughly the same level of satisfaction, the matter that arises is how to determine the degree of 'granularity' of the measure of satisfaction, and how wide can differences span between those with the lowest level of satisfaction and those with the highest.

The question about those with the lowest level of satisfaction is far simpler than the question of what to do with those who have the highest living standards and are prone to acquire more.

In the first case, the problem, at least in theory, is limited to know what they lack and give those things to the people. Obviously, this is a synthesis of the broad scope of government, but the issue here is the essence of the problem, and not the tactics applicable to its consecution.

In the second case, however, ambitious people should be tamed or eliminated. Both things can be achieved by means of very high taxation, which is today's preferred method to equalise richness with a common living standard denominator. This method satisfies apparent reason, the primordial sense of envy of many, and the political agendas of demagogues. Making the 'aristocrats' pay exorbitant taxes in order to provide the poorest members of society might counteract desires to have more, and if not, the ambitious ones would just go elsewhere.

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