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Ambitions are needs, and they cannot be governed by decree. Moreover: not all ambitions are undesirable, and letting these people go away, or eliminating their desires might not be a good choice for any nation in the long run because in the end it would produce the same static utopia that Plato suggests.

Egalitarianism of ends, thus, might sometimes be counterproductive since those who are ambitious are also those more likely to create and innovate, and any society that punishes these individuals will put its future in jeopardy. These creatives will emigrate and obtain what they want elsewhere, even at the hands of their motherland's rivals, and despite anything else. Creativity is a force that cannot be tamed.

However, the country would be kept wasting talents, an established knowledge base, and money from would-be taxable citizens, filling the nation's borders with conformists with no entrepreneurship.

Too much levelling creates conformists, a static society, and a weak state that will eventually be consumed by its own thirst or that of foreign powers. This is the case of Scandinavian countries: Sweden, for example, had to change many of its doctrinal and political views concerning egalitarianism in order to be accepted as a member of the European Union so, they are slowly being absorbed.

Denmark did the same in the past. Iceland is too small to be of any statistical value for nations with millions of citizens. Norway rejected the notion of integration with the EU, but their citizens are paying their choice dearly in terms of taxation, a lesser variety of goods, strictly regulated imports, and in the end and despite her many good aspects, the country remains as a relatively backwater political entity, oddly underdeveloped in some areas: the roads are insufficient and too small, airports are negligible, trains are relatively rare, population is scarce, family structures are questionable, and there is a lack for concern for environmental issues among the public.

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