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It remains to be seen what will happen with Norway in the future, but prospects do not seem to be brilliant unless the Norwegian citizens would like to remain somewhat isolated, although statistically speaking, things might seem different.

This difference might be due to the lack of adaptation of the current statistical models to the new geopolitical paradigm that confronts the country.

Finally, Finland has been recently taken out of the influence of Russia, and it is also too early to say how they will fare, but generally speaking, they took the way of Sweden. It seems that the classical Scandinavian welfare society model is being updated, albeit in a decorous way in political terms.

On the other hand, history shows that rulers and leaders must keep an eye on social differences and provide improvement for all. Variety in living standards can easily lead to unfair distribution models like those applied in Latin America.

Since it is more often that unequal societies appear and evolve, the disadvantages of these are more easily seen than those proper of egalitarian social groups. The French and Russian revolutions are clear examples. Rulers cannot attain ideal, totally egalitarian societies because they will eventually fail, so they should try to achieve roughly equal living standards within their territories.

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