P. Edronkin

Equality (VII).

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However, this brings another issue into being: it is easier to level down than to try to elevate everyone. Communist regimes confronted this problem, and even when everyone but their own aristocracies had roughly equal living standards most people were unhappy and finally the whole ideology failed to such a degree and extent that decades will elapse until someone eventually tries to experiment with the model again.

Then, if rough equality is sought after, the rulers will have to attempt to elevate the living standards of the population.

The way of living of any society is related to economical, technical and cultural factors. Some countries in Africa do not have money to build good hospitals, but if someone constructs and donates a first-class clinic but their doctors, nurses, administrative officials and structures are not adequate for the new standard, the thing will fail shortly thereafter.

If the populace is not educated to vaccinate the young, to eat well, to disengage from taboos and to look after healthy products, no hospital will do any good. Economic productivity is related to efficiency, and that is related to education, as technical aspects to science, research, development and educational standards; and as cultural aspects are also related to the nation's identity and educational programmes, therefore, education is paramount in order to attain acceptable equality standards.

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