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Equality (VIII).

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The quest for equality has indirect benefits too: the preoccupation about the human being in itself brings improvements in medicine, social work, and even in technology, with the introduction of more stringent standards of safety for computers, toasters and other gadgets.

So, rough equality is desirable, achievable and conservable, but there is a last hurdle that any ruler or leader attempting to get it should consider: the criteria for measuring it cannot remain static. Communist states did not consider this, and before the dawn of these countries, people in East Germany were seen driving old vintage Trabants, their roofs filled with packs and replacement parts in every conceivable, but different colours, while in West Germany they were happily using Mercedes and BMWs; the same nation and people.

As societies progress, living standards evolve, and what is acceptable today might not be so in the future. Ambitious people can destroy others, it is in their nature, but they can also be useful in order to create new things and set new standards that others can follow: In the thirties, only the very affluent had television sets; today almost everyone has them in many countries.

The only way to be safe from everything is to be dead, and therefore, they should not be punished but assimilated.

Some should be left happy creating things with their ambition, others must be allowed to happily emulate them, and the state should be keeping an eye on this process in order to guarantee that it continues undisturbed and does not stop, so that the society remains satisfied and dynamic, and curiously this can perhaps be considered a modern view of Plato's ideal of justice.

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